Оh gоd , why ? ахахаххаах

Yunho biased: I love you and your perfectness! You're amazing and awesome! You're like, the most PERFECT man EVER!!!
Jaejoong biased: God, you're amazing and hot and sexy and funny and adorable!! UGH! I just want to see you hold hello kitty forever~
Yoochun biased: CHUNNIE, MY AWESOME SEXY CHUNNIE!!! You're voice, your forehead, your flipflops... I just want ALL OF YOU!
Junsu biased: GAH! So innocent and sexy! LIKE, WHAT IS THAT!?!? So cute! Angel Xiah for me baby! I want to see you dance sexy for me!
Changmin biased: Hate me. Hate me so hard you sexy beast! I want to hear you call me stupid and tell me to get a life. Oh god, do it!

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